What is Onboard?:

Onboard represents the mindful intent of the individual or team in a business context to create positive change for themselves and for others. This can be a new leader finding their way, a seasoned leader challenging themselves, or a team engaging in a process to increase their effectiveness. Onboard also represents the similarity between the coaching conversation and the nature of water: there are many depths and layers, ebbs and flows, eddies and currents, waves and tides that must be noticed and navigated to get from one place to another.

What we do:

We coach individuals and teams in leadership roles to use emotional intelligence to enhance their effectiveness at work. We focuses on custom coaching engagements that builds awareness of and enhances leaders’ emotional intelligence to leverage the whole person in the workplace.

Why we do it:

Organizations and leaders all face challenges such as:

  • "We keep spending money on training programs that are engaging and interesting in the moment, but after a couple of weeks nothing much has changed."
  • "We're consistently being marked lower on our relationship-building survey scores, we need to fix this or we're going to start to lose business to our competition."
  • "Brent was recently promoted to a management role due to his technical success, and now he is responsible for supporting multiple teams to work effectively. He is finding it challenging to work with diverse styles and personalities."
  • "Many of our leaders are retiring, and soon we will be hiring to replace them with staff that are less experienced in successfully leading teams. How can we support this transition?."
  • "Joanie is one of our more outgoing and popular sales managers, however sometimes she says things in front of customers and senior leadership that are not necessarily appropriate in a business environment. How can we effectively address this issue?"
  • "Our teams are 'siloed' in their own departments, and our lack of collaboration and communication is affecting our ability to deliver our mandate."

What keeps you up at night? We want to help! All of these challenges and more can be addressed through custom-build executive coaching and emotional intelligence engagements. Contact Jon to tell us what you are experiencing, and to discuss how Onboard can help.