Maximize human potential to support a profitable, healthy and sustainable organizational community.


Support the development of leadership excellence through customized executive coaching engagements with a focus on emotional intelligence.


Service Values (the Whistler Experience 3 Rs):

  • Reliability: we are professional, confidential, and keep our promises
  • Responsiveness: we provide you with the information you need in a timely manner
  • Relationships: the core of our business is driven by listening and curiosity

Organizational Values:

  • Coaching: using a custom inquiry-based approach to solve business challenges
  • Making a difference: striving to deliver tangible ROI and outcomes for our stakeholders
  • Continuous learning: we keep learning so our clients can as well
  • Professional growth: when we grow, so do our clients
  • Humour/fun: we make coaching fun
  • Health and well-being: taking care of ourselves so we can help others
  • Wisdom: living our values in an intentional and authentic way