Team coaching is a dynamic and robust process for groups of 15 and less, and builds from the executive coaching process in an individual and group format.


Task benefits can include:

  • creating vision, mission and value statements
  • defining committee mandates, clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • problem solving, decision-making and action-planning
  • assuring decision buy-in and follow-through

Process benefits can include:

  • developing a sustainable consensus process
  • enhancing trust and respectful communication
  • supporting collaboration and innovation
  • fostering organizational leadership capacity

The Process:

This process works best when the coach works with an organizational sponsor to select a coaching focus, coaches each individual team member around that topic, and then supports the entire team to co-create an emergent, collaborative and innovative coaching engagement to respond to the coaching focus.

As with executive coaching we can use the EQ-i 2.0 individually, then aggregate the individual assessments into the Group Report to consider how the overall emotional intelligence characteristics support team effectiveness.